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Celebrating Inclusion

Erica Duffield, Special Learning Needs Teacher

Here at Kolbe, we wholeheartedly believe in providing amazing opportunities for students of all abilities. Recently, 15 enthusiastic Kolbe students from our learning enrichment program seized the chance to showcase their talents and proudly represented our College at the ACC Inclusive Fun Run and Activity Day.

The ACC Inclusive Sport Fun Run and Activity Day is an annual event that offers students with disabilities the opportunity to participate in a running/walking event, as well as engage in other sporting and enjoyable activities alongside mainstream students.

Mia Dolan, our sport trainee, expressed her delight, saying, “It was heartwarming to witness all the participants enjoying the day, running, and just giving it a go.”

The day was all about spending time with your mates, meeting new people from other schools and having fun, while also doing some great sporting activities. Our students embraced inclusion, ventured into new experiences, and had an absolute blast.

“It was an amazing experience for everyone including myself. The day was great as there was an activity for everyone. I had so much fun interacting and hanging out with others, not just from Kolbe. I met some amazing people from other schools,” shared Emaan, a Year 7 student.

We appreciate everyone who participated on the day and a special shoutout to Noah, Caleb and Olivia, who earned well-deserved medals for securing the top 3 positions in the 3km run and were amongst the fastest competitors from all schools. 

Year 9 student Olivia, expressed her joy, saying, “The event was incredibly inclusive, and I enjoyed everyone’s company. Running alongside my friends was my favourite part of the day.”

At Kolbe, we continue to prioritise and celebrate inclusivity, providing our students with opportunities that empower them to thrive and showcase their abilities. We are immensely proud of our students’ achievements and look forward to even more exciting events that foster inclusivity and camaraderie among all.

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