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LifeLink Launch 2023

Brendan Bomford (Director of Ministry) & Year 10 Student Sabatini Nunez

In May, students from Kolbe’s very own Student Ministry Team made their way to Aranmore Catholic College to participate in the annual LifeLink Day launch. The event, led by Archbishop Timothy Costelloe, aimed to raise awareness and promote fundraising initiatives for vulnerable individuals in Western Australia. Despite initial nerves and unfamiliarity, the students found themselves immersed in a welcoming environment that encouraged them to voice their opinions and ask thought-provoking questions.  

“As we walked in for the first time, I couldn’t stop shaking. Being such a small group entering this massive space with many faces, it was a little intimidating, but as the day went ahead we felt so welcome and comfortable, which allowed us to voice our opinions and ask many questions.” Year 10 student Sabatini

 Archbishop Timothy Costelloe took the stage to deliver a captivating keynote speech on the concept of ‘Synodality.’ Although an unfamiliar term to many young people in the audience, his eloquence and charisma engaged their attention.

“The archbishop was very ‘eloquent’ in his words and mannerisms when speaking on Synodality and Pope Francis’ vision for the Catholic Church. It was great to listen to him and contemplate on the things he said.” Year 10 student Sabatini

On top of being very well-fed on the day, students had the unique opportunity to engage in a Q&A session with Archbishop Costelloe, Auxiliary Bishop Donald Sproxton, and Dr. Debra Sayce, the Catholic Education Executive Director. Among them, Year 9 student Harry, displayed bravery by asking a question regarding the archbishop’s approach to the Old Testament—a topic known for its complexity. The interactive session allowed the students to interact with influential figures and gain valuable insights into their faith.

Beyond the inspiring speeches and engaging discussions, the LifeLink Day launch had a greater purpose: to raise awareness and encourage fundraising initiatives for vulnerable individuals in Western Australia. Attending the LifeLink Day launch proved to be an enriching and transformative experience for the students of Kolbe Catholic College, which left a lasting impression on their young minds, fostering a deeper understanding of synodality and inspiring them to champion the cause of LifeLink within our own school community in 2023.

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