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Embracing Indigenous Culture

Lisa Dann – Aboriginal Liaison Officer

As we wrap up the school year, I want to take a moment to look back at all the amazing things we’ve done together as a community. Our school is like a big family, and this year, we’ve had so much support from everyone, especially for our Indigenous programs.

Throughout the year, we celebrated NAIDOC Week and National Reconciliation Week. These times were special because they let us learn about and appreciate Indigenous cultures. We went to Kings Park for the Indigenous Veterans Commemoration service. It was a powerful way to honour our veterans and learn more about their stories. We also shared my mother’s  story about the Stolen Generation and went to our first Indigenous Camp. It was incredible and helped us understand more about our history.

Our school worked with different universities like the University of Western Australia and Murdoch University’s Kulbardi Aboriginal Centre. They helped us learn new things and plan great events. A big thank you to Sharna, our Aboriginal Education Consultant from CEWA, for guiding us through everything.

We recently had a thank you morning tea to appreciate everyone who supported us. Even if some couldn’t make it, we wanted them to know how thankful we are for their help.

On Wednesday, our Year 8 students visited UWA’s School of Indigenous Studies for a Discovery Day. It was exciting! Students tried out different activities, met university students, and learned more about their future possibilities.

I love hearing from students like Valen, Mitchell, Aiden, and Jayla about how much they enjoyed these programs. Valen liked the science workshops best because they were fun and educational. Mitchell found new possibilities for his future, and Aiden and Jayla made new friends, which is awesome!

The culmination of our year at the Indigenous Family Night this week was amazing. This gathering wasn’t just about sharing a meal; it was a joyous commemoration of our journey throughout the year. One of the most heartwarming aspects of the evening was witnessing our Year 12 students warmly embracing our incoming Aboriginal scholarship recipients, who are set to embark on their Year 7 journey in 2024. Equally touching was the sight of our new Year 7s coming together to offer prayers and good wishes for the future endeavours of our graduating Year 12s. The evening held a deep sense of honour as we united not only with families and staff but also with our cherished grandparents, creating an extended Kolbe family under one roof.

Looking back, I feel grateful for all the experiences we’ve shared. It’s made our school a place where we learn together, respect each other, and grow as a community.

Behind you, all your memories
Before you, all your dreams
Around you all who love you
Within you all you need.
May you always stand as tall as a tree,
Be as strong as the rock Uluru,
Be as gentle as the morning mist,
Hold the warmth of the sacred campfire within you,
And may the spirits of our ancestors always watch over you. 

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