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Bushrangers in Action

Lizzy Lea – Bushrangers Coordinator

The Bush Rangers, fondly known as ‘Bushies,’ have been an integral part of our school’s identity since their inception in 2006. Thanks to the support from the state government and the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation, and Attractions, this program has bloomed into an opportunity-rich environment for students across all year levels.

With a focus on environmental conservation, the Bush Ranger program isn’t just another extracurricular activity. It’s a community where students forge lasting friendships and cultivate a sense of belonging while actively participating in projects aimed at preserving our natural world.

Recently, the Kolbe Bush Rangers embarked on a great adventure to Perth Zoo. The excursion was a culmination of their dedication and learning throughout the year. As part of their volunteering efforts, the ‘Bushies’ have been immersing themselves in understanding the local Rockingham area’s conservation needs. This excursion was a chance to apply this knowledge on a broader, global scale.

Upon arriving, the excitement was palpable. Splitting into smaller groups, students ventured into the zoo’s exhibits, eagerly absorbing the information shared during keeper talks. From orangutans to meerkats and crocodiles, each species had a story to tell about conservation. The zoo’s successful breeding program for orangutans, aiding in the preservation of this endangered species, was particularly inspiring.

Reflecting on this incredible day, our Year 7 students had their own unique highlights:

Jennifer expressed, “I really enjoyed the zoo because we got to see all the different animals like the elephants, penguins, lions, and more. My favourite part was hanging out with friends and seeing the elephants.”

Aelyf shared, “The animals were lovely and happy for photos. They were so unique, and there’s always something new to amaze me.”

Emaan added, “My favourite thing about the Perth Zoo excursion was walking around and looking at all the flora and native Australian plants.”

Their enthusiasm mirrors the diverse experiences everyone encountered, from awe-inspiring animal encounters to appreciating the rich native flora.

Through this excursion, our Bushrangers not only indulged their love for wildlife but also reinforced their commitment to environmental stewardship. It’s heartening to witness our students’ passion for conservation and their eagerness to make a difference.

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