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Forge Exhibition 2023

Verena Smallman – Head of Learning Area Visual Arts

Kolbe Catholic College presented an evening marked by artistic creativity and a proud and supportive College community, as we celebrated the culmination of our students’ hard work and talent at the Forge Exhibition 2023.

The Forge Exhibition, a showcase of our students’ prowess in Visual Art, Media, Design, and Technology, exceeded all expectations and served as a testament to the exceptional calibre of young minds we nurture at Kolbe.

At Kolbe we celebrate all artists with work on display from every art student that walks through our doors. It’s a celebration of every student’s artistic journey and we support their skill development and passion. Year 10 student, Callie Graydon, who received the Book Prize Award for her photograph submission in the Leanne Joyce Photography Award said “ I’m really happy to receive an award for something that I really love to do.”

There were 20 awards winners on the night but as commented by our guest artist and principal, Mr Alweyn, with over 1000 artworks and woodwork projects, there were infinite deserving winners and all students should feel a sense of pride for the work they have presented.

Our Kolbe families filled the exhibition space, their pride and support radiating through every corner. It was a heartening display of the strong community spirit that defines our school. The unity and solidarity within the Kolbe family were on full display as students eagerly shared their achievements with their loved ones. Among the lovely comments and accolades from our families, one parent said “Another amazing Forge Art Exhibition.  As always I was in awe of the talent Kolbe has amongst the students.  It is one of my favourite nights of the year. I invited a friend and they could not speak highly enough of the whole evening from the food and drink service, music, award presentations and the variety of art Kolbe offers.”

It was a night that left a lasting impression on all who attended, showcasing the boundless potential of our students and the unwavering commitment of our teachers. Our talented Hospitality students ensured that everyone was treated to a memorable evening, while our Music students provided a delightful musical backdrop that added to the overall experience.

The Forge Exhibition 2023 was a night to remember, a celebration of talent, a display of unity, and a testament to the power of our Kolbe community. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who made this event a resounding success. Kolbe remains committed to nurturing young minds and providing them with a platform to shine, and this evening was a shining example of that commitment.

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