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IGNITE @ Kolbe

Stephanie Griffiths, Head of Learning, Excellence and Engagement

Communicate! Be Creative! Collaborate! Think Critically! Show Character! Build Citizenship! 

These are our Kolbe Capabilities for Life and they were on show last week as our Year 7 cohort participated in our very first ‘Ignite Week’. With an essential question to answer, ‘How can we ensure there is enough for everyone?’, our Year 7s set about finding a solution to twenty different variations of the problem. No easy feat!

“At first we were all a little bit unsure how to tackle the problem but then we just worked together as a team to find a solution and design new products, like our model. It was nice making new friends and using teamwork to create new mindsets.” – Year 7 student Amelie 

Working in committees, our Year 7s needed to create an information display board and build a model to represent their solution. This culminated in an expo for parents and special guests with the students also participating in a panel interview with some very special guests, exploring questions around the capabilities. All of the judges fed back to us how impressed they were with our students ability to speak confidently about their solution and about the deep learning that occurred around these capabilities – particularly, Collaborate and Communicate’

“My most enjoyable part of Ignite week was creating our display board. We had different ideas for our model but we managed to get them to fit perfectly together. I had so much fun working with my team, getting creative and expressing ourselves freely. Showing off our hard work to our families and special guest at the end of the week was great and we were all really proud of our achievements.” – Year 7 Student Tatiana

We want to extend a heartfelt thank you to our students for their outstanding participation in Ignite Week! It’s no easy task to think outside the box, but they truly gave it their all.

“Thank you teachers for an amazing week and all the effort you put in! I loved the different workshops and I was so happy to make new friends and build different connections.” – Year 7 student Emaan

We would also like to express our gratitude to our amazing team of Year 7 Teachers who lead the week with such enthusiasm. As well as the special guests and families who attended. We are so glad the week was such a success and look forward to Ignite Week 2024!

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