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National Reconciliation Week

Lisa Dann, Aboriginal Liaisons Officer

National Reconciliation Week is a significant time for both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people to come together, learn, and reflect on our shared history. At Kolbe Catholic College, this week held great importance as we commemorated National Sorry Day and participated in various activities to promote understanding, healing, and reconciliation.

Remembering the Stolen Generation

National Sorry Day, observed on May 26, serves as a solemn reminder of the injustices suffered by the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples during the era of the Stolen Generation. Valued Kolbe Community member, proud Noongar woman and child of the Stolen Generation, Vonita Anna Walley, took us to New Norcia Mission to share her powerful story with us. Vonita found her way to God in the mission, speaks about her painful past but also her faith, forgiveness, and the importance of education.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Vonita Anna Walley for bravely sharing her painful past with us. It is only through understanding, compassion, and reconciliation that we can move forward together towards a more just and inclusive future – one that acknowledges the past, celebrates diversity, and promotes healing.

Embracing National Sorry Day

At Kolbe Catholic College, we believe in coming together as a community to commemorate and remember the impact of the Stolen Generation. On National Sorry Day, our students created flowers with heartfelt messages and decorated a tree with these beautiful creations. This symbolic gesture aimed to foster cultural awareness, knowledge, and reflection while fostering a sense of unity and healing among all members of the Kolbe family

Honouring Indigenous Servicemen

As part of National Reconciliation Week, our Year 7 students had the privilege of attending a special service at Kings Park to honour Indigenous servicemen and women. This event, organised by the Department of Veterans Affairs, provided an opportunity for our students to learn about and pay tribute to the contributions of Indigenous Australians in the armed forces. The ceremony included powerful speeches, performances by traditional dancers, and musical renditions that showcased the cultural diversity and resilience of our nation.

“My favourite part of the day was the cultural representation in the ceremony, the song, the dance, and everyone was so respectful. Lest We Forget.” – Year 7 student Luis  

Celebrating Aboriginal Achievements

In the spirit of National Reconciliation Week, we are proud to share the exceptional achievements of Kylah, a Year 7 student at Kolbe Catholic College. Kylah, a proud Noongar/Yamatji/Banjima girl, has been awarded Perth’s prestigious NAIDOC Award in the category of Empowerment. Kylah’s remarkable talent and determination in multiple sports, including Little Athletics, Netball, and AFL Football, have left a lasting impression on the judges. Her achievements in netball, such as representing Western Australia and earning a place in the National U/13s Team, highlight her dedication and passion for sports. Kylah’s future is undoubtedly bright, and we congratulate her on this well-deserved recognition.

The Way to Reconciliation

National Reconciliation Week is a time for reflection, understanding, and unity. At Kolbe Catholic College, we are committed to acknowledging the past, celebrating diversity, and promoting healing among all members of our community. By listening to the powerful stories of individuals like Vonita Anna Walley, participating in meaningful activities, and celebrating the achievements of students like Kylah, we take important steps towards a more just and inclusive future. Together, we can be the voice for generations, fostering reconciliation and building a stronger, more harmonious society.

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