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Japan Tour 2024

Kyohhei Futaki (Japanese Teacher)

On Sunday, January 7th, nine students and three teachers from Kolbe Catholic College embarked on a journey to the Land of the Rising Sun, Japan, marking the College’s first “post-COVID” overseas excursion. The Japan Tour 2024 offered an invaluable opportunity for our students to immerse themselves in Japanese culture, history, tradition, and innovation over the course of two weeks, creating unforgettable memories along the way.

One of the highlights of the tour was the opportunity to connect with Keio Futsubu School, the College’s Sister School in Tokyo. Students had the chance to experience Japanese schooling firsthand by attending classes and interacting with Keio students during lunch breaks and after-school activities. The bond between the students from both schools was further strengthened during a visit to Tokyo Disneyland, where magical and fun moments were shared by all.

Reflecting on their experiences, Year 11 student Baxter expressed his enthusiasm for the tour, describing it as an amazing opportunity to apply the Japanese language skills everyone had been cultivating for the past four years. Niamh, another Year 11 student, shared how the tour provided her with the chance to fully immerse herself in the Japanese language, leading to a noticeable improvement in her Japanese skills.

For the participants of the Japan Tour 2024, the journey was not only an opportunity to explore a new country but also a transformative experience that broadened their horizons, deepened their understanding of Japanese culture, and forged lifelong connections with their peers across the globe.

The Japan Tour holds a special place in the College’s calendar, occurring biannually and serving as a cornerstone of the cultural exchange program. Looking ahead, the College is already planning for the next tour in 2025, which will be open to Years 10 and 11 students. Additionally, the Japanese Cultural Exchange program will continue in the same year as Keio students are welcomed to Kolbe Catholic College, further strengthening the bonds of friendship and cultural understanding between the two institutions.

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