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Kolbe Care in Action

Year 9 students Milly & Olivia
Did you know that more than 1 in 5 Australian children have experienced food insecurity in the past year? That’s why our KolbeCare Team decided to lend a hand to Eat Up, a fantastic charity organisation providing lunches to thousands of kids in Perth.
Volunteering to help Eat Up make sandwiches for kids in need, was a truly heartwarming experience. Lead by the enthusiastic Eat Up coordinators, our group of dedicated Year 9 volunteers gathered with freshly washed hands and rolled up sleeves, eager to lend a hand.

The coordinators assigned us tasks of either making the sandwiches, packaging them or being a runner who restocked the ingredients and inspected the finished product, making sure they were made to perfection. With everyone working in sync and jamming to music, the sandwich-making process was an enjoyable activity.

Eat Ups’ organisational skills ensured that everything stayed hygienic and ran as smoothly as possible which made it easy to get on with what needed to be done. Amazingly, we actually managed to exceed their expectations, and made an impressive total of 1100 sandwiches. As they say, “time flies when you’re having fun,” and indeed, it was an incredibly enjoyable experience.

Looking back, it was a great way to help the community out and it warmed our hearts knowing we were helping children in need. Eat Up is a wonderful organisation and we are so proud we could join in and extend a hand for those in need, one sandwich at a time.

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