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Kolbe’s Greatest Shave

Mia Britten (KolbeCare Captain)

To raise money and send a message of hope to the 110,000 Aussie families currently facing blood cancer, Kolbe Catholic College recently took part in the World’s Greatest Shave. We had an amazing turnout with a total of 41 students taking part, some cutting their hair and others braving the shave, all making a big difference through their selfless actions.

As we gathered on Thursday and Friday of Week 8 at lunch to support the brave participants, we were joined by family, friends as well as many kind hairdressers that were willing to give up their time to help the students cut and shave their hair. Through sponsorships and fundraisers, such as a sausage sizzle, bake sale and a crazy sock day, we have raised a phenomenal amount with our current total just over $30,000, for the Leukaemia foundation.

Upon reflecting on his participation in the shave, Year 12 student Zac said, “It was an amazing opportunity to try and raise money for cancer research. The support of my friends and family made me really feel like I was doing the right thing and playing my part in our Kolbe community. I can only hope my participation helped make a difference.”

Year 7 student, Kendra, has experienced the effects of Cancer in her own family and was brave enough to shave all of her hair off in support. She said, “It was such a heartwarming and rewarding experience for the Kolbe community to partake in an amazing event for such a great cause, knowing that we will have made a difference to the lives of those affected by blood cancer”.

If you would like to donate please visit the World’s Greatest Shave Webpage.

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