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Kolbe’s Leaders

Jenefer Wiltschut (Head of Wellbeing)

This week, during our final assembly for our current Year 12 students, we officially welcomed our new student leaders for 2024. It was a meaningful occasion filled with anticipation, enthusiasm, and a shared sense of responsibility.

The assembly brought together students, teachers, staff, and parents alike to celebrate the fresh wave of leadership that will guide us through the upcoming academic year. The occasion also provided a platform for our outgoing Student Executive to reflect on their time in leadership and thank all of the Kolbe community for their efforts in making it such a successful year. Their experiences and insights were invaluable, reminding the incoming leaders of the impact they could have on our school community.

In the coming months, we look forward to witnessing the positive changes and exciting initiatives that our new student leaders will bring to our school. Together, we will continue to foster a welcoming and inclusive environment where every student can thrive. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to our new student leaders for 2024, and we are excited to embark on this journey of growth and achievement together.

We congratulate the following students on their leadership roles:

Year 8

  • Chisholm – Asha Manning
  • Loyola – Miranda Ford
  • MacKillop – Caleb White
  • Rice – Oliver Suazo
  • Teresa – Brielle Dredge
  • Xavier – Emaan Dogan

Year 9

  • Chisholm – Sanjay Subramanian
  • Loyola – Ruby Crawford-Dunstan
  • MacKillop – Pavinya Venugopal
  • Rice – Lauren O’Brien
  • Teresa – Alex Faraizi
  • Xavier – Sienna Hobbs

Year 10

  • MacKillop – Riley Went
  • Loyola – Russell Reimers
  • Chisholm – Eva Bartlett
  • Teresa – Tanaya Prentice
  • Rice – James Hoxey
  • Xavier – Sophie Gray

Year 11

  • Teresa – Leon Dwyer
  • Chisholm – Claire Hume
  • MacKillop – Duncan Ferguson
  • Rice – Judd McCann
  • Loyola – Chloe Chapman
  • Xavier – Nora Lane

Yr 12

  • Chisholm House Captains – Dylan Russell and Owen Iriks
  • Loyola House Captain – Maisy Stuart and Georgia Coleman
  • MacKillop House Captains – Clare Williams and Will Croft
  • Rice House Captains – Thomas New and Isidora Maynard
  • Teresa House Captains – Blake Wiltschut and Shae Donaldson
  • Xavier House Captains – Jacynta Scanlan and Bryce Becker
  • Ministry Captains – Maria Spissu and Jasmine Dondas
  • Sports Captains – Euan Vincent and Caitlyn Smook
  • Wellbeing Captain – Ava Woodgate
  • Drama Captain – Bethany Blog
  • Dance Captain – Saree Owers
  • Music Captain – Jamie Daniels
  • Learning and Technology Captain – Noah Dugouchet
  • Visual and Media Arts Captain – James Manning
  • KolbeCare Captain – Tannika Johns

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