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Deadly Dreaming Day @ Murdoch

Lisa Dann – Aboriginal Liaison

The Kulbardi Engagement and Outreach team from Murdoch University offers programs to high schools to empower Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students. This term Rebekah and Jacob came out to Kolbe to run three workshops, focusing on a range of topics including breaking down barriers, leadership, sharing stories and dreaming big with personal reflection.

Twenty four of our Indigenous students then attended the Deadly Dreaming Day at Murdoch University on Tuesday 19 September. This is a day for our young people to get together with students from other schools, experience the university environment and engage with mentors. Our students participated in gaming, art and design workshops.

Students had the chance to listen to guest speakers who were very inspirational, sharing their life journey into university and what they are doing now. One of the speakers, Heidi, said to do what makes your heart sing and look at what’s happening in the world with our environment and look after country. Jordan explained he changed his pathway three times and it’s okay to do that. For our last workshop we got to make bracelets with reeds from the bush environment and the final part of the day was a celebration for Year 12 students and everyone receiving a gift from the University.

“This day was very inspiring as we got to see how fun it is at Murdoch university.” – Eva – Year 9

“Wonderful day with a wonderful mob learning about ourselves and culture.” Bailey – Year 11

“This was a great day to learn about culture, digital tech and to connect with your friends. It is a great socialising day with other schools. Kolbe has learnt to have fun and it’s important to connect with those around you and with their culture.” Tareyka – Year 7.

“It was a great day to learn and see new things.” Aelyf – Year 7.


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