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Mackillop House day

MacKillop Captain Chris

MacKillop Day at Kolbe Catholic College is an annual event held in August to celebrate the life and legacy of Saint Mary MacKillop, the founder of the Sisters of Saint Joseph of the Sacred Heart and Patron Saint of MacKillop House. On this day, students, teachers, and staff of MacKillop House come together to honour Saint Mary MacKillop through various activities and events. The event aims to educate students about the values and teachings of Saint Mary MacKillop, such as the compassion, justice and inclusivity she had for all. It also serves as an opportunity for MacKillop House to reflect on the importance of these values in their own lives. 

Throughout the day, students participate in mass, many fun games, and a shared lunch as a house. The event is highly valued by the College as it provides a chance for students to deepen their understanding of their faith and develop a sense of social responsibility. Here are some highlights from the day, as told by students and staff:

“My favourite aspect of MacKillop Day is that it brings everyone together” – Alyssa, Year 12

“The highlight of MacKillop Day for me is the togetherness it brings, we are all spending quality time working together and competing with one another to celebrate the feast day of Mary MacKillop” – Dean, Year 12

“The celebration of Mary MacKillop’s feast day is such a great day because I get to see the smiles and laughs of my peers from all of our Pastoral Care groups” – Islie, Year 12

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