Message from our Principal

Neil Alweyn (Principal)

In the tapestry of our school community, there exists a vital thread that holds everything together – our families. Parents, step-parents, grandparents – these caregivers are not just spectators in their children’s educational journey; they are the prime educators, the first teachers, and the guiding lights that shape our students into the fine individuals they are meant to become.

The education of a child begins long before they enter the classroom. It begins at home, with the values, beliefs, and traditions passed down from parents, step-parents and grandparents. This foundation shapes not only their academic success but also their character. In partnership with our dedicated teachers, these caregivers play a pivotal role in nurturing the hearts and minds of our students. They teach the importance of empathy, compassion, and kindness, values that are central to our Catholic faith and the Kolbe Way.

Recently our College celebrated these individuals with some very special events. Recently, our Year 8’s hosted our Grandparents Mass and Morning Tea, we celebrated Leader’s Mass  and our Year 9’s held our Father’s Day celebration. Watching our students share the love they have for their family so openly within the grounds of our College left a very special feeling in the air. Michael J. Fox said ‘Family is not an important thing, it’s everything’, and this was certainly evident during our celebrations.

Our NAIDOC Week celebrations focused on the 2023 theme of ‘For our Elders’. At our assembly on Wednesday we were graced with the wise words of Olman Walley and Phillip Walley-Stack, who shared with our community the special relationship they share with their culture and their elders. A theme that both Phillip and I conveyed to our audience is that time is not promised to anyone, so we must never waste an opportunity to engage with and show love to those who have so much wisdom and knowledge to offer us.

I am so grateful that our College shares the nurturing of our young people with such supporting and caring families within our community. The journey through high school is not just about acquiring knowledge; it’s about personal growth and self-discovery. It’s about developing a strong moral compass that will guide our students throughout their lives. When families and school work together, we foster an environment where our students can flourish academically, emotionally, and spiritually. In closing, I echo the words of Pope Francis: ‘The family is the first and the most important school of mercy, justice, and love for young people.’ Together, as a united Catholic school community, we can ensure that our students receive the education and values they need to shine brightly in the world.


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