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Wellbeing @ Kolbe

Jenefer Wiltschult (Head of Wellbeing)

It is with a lot of anticipation that we saw the return of our students last week, as well as all of the excited (but nervous!) faces of our brand-new Year 7 students. We also have a number of students that are new to the Kolbe community in Years 8 to 12 and we would like to extend a warm welcome to them and their families too; we are so very glad that you have joined us.

The start of something new, whether it be a new school year, a new class set, or a new job, can be challenging. We tend to be creatures of habit, and change can be difficult as it requires us to be vulnerable to the unknown. Most of our students will be returning to familiar friends and staff, but for many, starting a new school year can be a very daunting time. For our returning students I would like to encourage you to seek out new connections, offer a friendly smile to a new face, or perhaps include someone new during break times. For our new students I encourage you to be brave in taking the first step to make conversation, ask to join in, and look for others with similar interests. Connections are so important to our wellbeing, and while it can take time initially, we are confident that there are some great friendships waiting around the corner!

At Kolbe our Kinship Vision is to be able to build a sense of belonging by developing positive identity, creating meaningful connections, and promoting and supporting wellbeing. The establishment of a Wellbeing team in 2022 is a testament to that vision, and for all of our new families I would like to introduce our staff who are focused on supporting our students in the community. The team is comprised of myself, Mrs Jenefer Wiltschut, as Head of Wellbeing, Mrs Kilian Buffier, Care and Intervention Coordinator and the two school psychologists, Mrs Amanda Smith and Mrs Niketa Durack. Together with our staff, students and parents we will help to build a positive learning environment that is fostered by positive relationships, respect, and inclusion.

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