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Principal’s Message

Neil Alweyn (Principal)

As we approach the end of what has been a busy but fruitful term at Kolbe, it is important to reflect on what gives our community meaning and makes us so special. As we enter into the final days of the Lenten season and approach Holy Week, it is a perfect time for reflection, gratitude and renewal. It is our faith that underpins the Kolbe community, with Jesus as our guiding light.

Faith can sustain us through the darkest of times, and provides us with hope as we move forward. Faith can be placed in our family, our friends, our community and even our favourite sporting teams (as can be witnessed by the Dockers flag, scarves and coffee cups in my office). However it is our faith in Christ that is far more transformative. Martin Luther King said ‘faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase’. It is this metaphor that so beautifully captures this special time of year, as we celebrate the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus.

Gratitude should also be a cornerstone of our faith. As we approach Easter, let us express our gratitude for the blessing in our lives. I encourage our community to take time to show appreciation to those who support and uplift you – family, friends, teachers or mentors. A simple act of kindness or a heartfelt thank you can make a world of difference to another person. It is this selfless love that inspired Christ to give up his life for us. As we gather around our loved ones over this Easter period, let us celebrate the bonds that unite us and reflect on the love and sacrifice exemplified by the Holy Family.

Finally, with a sense of gratitude in my heart, I am excited for our community to return on campus after the Easter holiday break, where we will celebrate the opening of our new Stage 15 College buildings. This includes our new Performing Arts rooms, general purpose classrooms and College Cafeteria. With sacrifice in mind, we also say farewell to our Sports Hall over this holiday period. We give thanks to those who brought it to life well over 20 years ago (the legend of chocolate sales to raise money for this building will live on in Kolbe history), and we cherish the memories of graduations, assemblies and many other special events during its duration at Kolbe. I look forward to sharing plans of our Stage 16 Gymnasium building project with our community in due course.

Finally, may I wish all members of our community a safe, peaceful and reflective Easter break. May the sacrifice and love of Jesus inspire us to bring love, safety and a sense of belonging to everyone at Kolbe.

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