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Science Week 2023

Michelle Prasad (Head of Science)

This year’s theme for Science Week was ‘Innovation: Powering Future Industries’.

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Or as the students who have been learning a little binary code in the WLC at lunch time will be able to tell you, ‘Hello’.

 In class, some of us have looked at the movers and shakers in the last century of science. While others have looked at some of the issues we will have to overcome if we want to live on Mars in the future.

 Year 10s have continued to work on our best paper plane design, working through lunch time to have a ‘fly-off’, while Year 8s have been looking at the ‘coolness’ that is dry ice. Our Year 7s have been trying to solve problems around hydrogen as a fuel source of the future with a digital escape room. Year 9s have been showing their skills in innovation as they come up with some fantastic ideas for how we might apply the light spectrum to some new inventions. We finished it all off with the Year 12 Chemistry students building a supersaturated sodium acetate crystal tower almost 40 cm high.

 We have been challenging ourselves with a Science Week Quiz in Pastoral Care each morning and the teachers put on a show as robots at recess on Wednesday. In the Walsh Learning Centre we have a fantastic display of some science themed things, including a model of non-animal based meat.

 A good time was had by everyone while we learnt about how far our scientific discoveries have come, and how much we still have to learn into the future.

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