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Silver for Nadia @ WorldSkills

Kolbe Pathways Team

Nadia’s WorldSkills journey began back in 2022. As a confident and competent student in the Year 11 Certificate III Business class, she was nominated by her teacher, Mrs Van Lamoen, to compete in the WA Regional WorldSkills VETiS Business competition. Nadia was set to compete alongside three other Kolbe students as well as students from other schools around the state.

After doing well in the classroom and with a bit of extra coaching from some key Kolbe staff, Nadia and her classmates travelled to the competition with confidence, nerves and excitement. Performing well above our expectations, Kolbe took out a clean sweep, placing First (Nadia), Second (Kaziah) and Third (Louis) in the regional competition. Nadia’s gold medal placing also won her an invitation to join Team WA at the National Competition in 2023.

Working hard on her business skills through the year and connecting with staff for a bit more coaching, Nadia embraced the opportunity to represent Kolbe and WA with courage.

Travelling with a team of teachers and mentors from other schools and industry specialists, there were 3 days of competition ahead of her. Having faith in herself, coupled with classroom knowledge and practise, Nadia took it all in her stride. Her excellence shone through as she was awarded the Silver Medal for the Australian VETiS Business competition. (Nadia missed the Gold Medal by less than 1 point!) This is an incredible achievement that Kolbe are very proud of. We wish her all the best for the future and really hope she follows the advice of one of the judges, who recommended she enter the OPEN Competition next year!

Throughout her time away with the WA team, Nadia was a great ambassador for Kolbe and the VETiS Business competition. She said “for anyone in Year 10 now, studying Business next year, If you get the opportunity to compete in the Regional Competition – do it! I never thought I would be standing on a stage at an awards ceremony in Melbourne, representing Kolbe and WA. I am really proud of what I have achieved, but wouldn’t have been able to do it without the support of my family, Kolbe’s Pathways team, Mr McCann and Mrs Shepheard and my Certificate III Business teachers, Mrs Van Lamoen and Mrs Traine”.

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