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Kolbe Day 2023

Zac & Antonio (Ministry Captains)

On Friday the 11th of August, the entire Kolbe staff and student body came together for a day of commemoration and celebration. As a College, we are proud to have St. Maximilian Kolbe as our Patron Saint.

The day begins around the Eucharist, the entire College gathers to reflect on the deeds of Kolbe and how we can continue to bear fitness through Courage, Faith and Excellence through our own actions today. The theme of the day ‘don’t forget to love hand in hand’ was created by the Student Ministry Team, led by Year 12 Ministry Captains Antonio and Zac.

“Kolbe Day is always a day that everyone looks forward to as it’s an excellent opportunity where everyone can get together to celebrate the spirit of Saint Maximilian Kolbe. As Ministry Captains, to have a hand in the beautiful Mass in the morning is such a privilege to finally be able to serve our community in one of the College’s most significant events. We are so proud of how everything came together, the staff and students who helped behind the scenes, and we hope everyone who participated had as fun as we did putting things together.”

 Following the Mass, students would participate in Max’s games. A beautiful day allowed for maximum fun and teamwork as Houses competed in a range of team-building games. The day culminated with the Kolbe Day stalls. This year the stalls showcased a range of cuisine and fun activities for staff and students to make the most of their afternoon. Whether it be a silent disco after some churros or a Macca’s cheeseburger followed by a game of table tennis, there were activities for everyone. The funds raised are distributed to each of the six House charities, ensuring that all the fun has a purpose.

Kolbe Day 2023 was a memorable day due to the positive spirit, massive participation and variety of activities. It continues to be the event that many students look forward to over any other.

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