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SSWA Netball

Philippa Tunstall (Sport Captain)

On the 28th of April, three Kolbe teams set out for a competitive day of netball at the School Sports WA Netball Carnival and The Fremantle Netball Association. After a bus ride with some good music and good vibes we all gathered and prepared together, encouraging a sense of belonging and team spirit. All three teams competed against various opponents throughout the day, ranging from teams who were just starting out to highly experienced teams. Despite the tough competition, our teams persevered, displaying exceptional sportsmanship and giving their best efforts.

And it definitely paid off. Team 1 were the winners of their division, showcasing impressive teamwork, shooting accuracy, and a solid defence. We celebrated their victory with enthusiasm, feeling proud of their accomplishment. Meanwhile, Team 2 and Team 3 faced tough opponents but persisted until the end, gaining valuable experience and lessons for future tournaments.

After a long day of competing, the Kolbe teams felt exhausted but exhilarated. They bonded as a group, improved their skills, and represented their school with pride. The coaches, Miss Wilson and Mrs Mews, gathered the teams to express their congratulations and gratitude for their hard work. They reminded the teams that while winning is rewarding, giving your best effort and enjoying the game is more important.

In the end, the Kolbe netball teams left the carnival feeling accomplished and content. They proved themselves to be a competitive force and set high standards for future tournaments. The school and community felt proud of their efforts, knowing that the teams had given their all. Myself and all the other girls on Team 1 can’t wait to take on the next tournament in a few weeks time and we hope to make the Kolbe community proud once again.

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