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URStrong arrives at Kolbe

The Wellbeing Team

Semester 1 has seen the Wellbeing Team introduce the URStrong program to our Year 7 students. This evidence based social-emotional learning initiative focuses on empowering young people with the skills needed to foster healthy, positive friendships and navigate conflicts effectively.

The transition to secondary school can be a challenging time for many students as they form new friendships and adapt to a different social environment. URStrong provides our Year 7s with essential tools to understand the dynamics of friendships, recognise and manage emotions, and resolve conflicts in a constructive manner. Through engaging activities and practical strategies, students learn how to build strong, respectful relationships that contribute to a supportive school community. By participating in the URStrong program, our Year 7 students will develop crucial life skills, such as effective communication, empathy, and problem-solving.

An exciting aspect of this program is the involvement of our Year 10 Peer Support Leaders. These older students play a pivotal role in implementing URStrong. Throughout the semester they have guided Year 7 students through various activities, offering mentorship and support. This peer-led approach not only enhances the learning experience for the younger students but also fosters leadership and empathy among our Year 10 leaders.

Our Peer Support Leaders assist in small group discussions, role-playing exercises, and real-life scenarios, providing relatable insights and fostering a safe space for Year 7 students to express themselves and practice new skills. This collaborative environment helps build a sense of belonging and mutual respect, essential for our school community.

We look forward to witnessing the positive impact of URStrong on our students’ social development and overall wellbeing. 

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