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Drama at Kolbe

Katie Sullivan (Drama Teacher)

In week 6, our Kolbe drama students, ranging from Year 7 to 12, delivered a captivating and memorable performance with their production of “Beyond the Box: A Night of Inclusion.” This event celebrated the power of diversity and empathy through several student-devised acts, each telling a unique story.

In a world where the labels we wear can sometimes overshadow the essence of who we truly are, the performances dared to challenge the conventional norm. For we believe that within each of us lies a story waiting to be told. From the unfolding of these stories, we heard echoes of our own experiences and emerged enriched, enlightened, and united in the timeless quest for understanding and acceptance.

The final act, performed by the drama certificate students, took the audience to a heartfelt reunion of former classmates. Flashbacks to their teenage years highlighted moments of joy and conflict, leading to emotional revelations and reconciliations. This act underscored the impact of labels and the enduring bonds of friendship, as the characters moved from past misunderstandings to newfound acceptance.

The night concluded with a powerful message of unity and inclusion, as all characters joined on stage, forming a tableau of togetherness. They reminded us that true beauty lies in celebrating our differences and finding common humanity in all of us.

Drama Captain, Bethany, expressed her excitement, stating, “It was so good to be included in the first performance in the new facilities. We are very lucky to have them for this year’s drama night.” Phoebe Park, a Year 8 student, shared her experience, saying, “It was my first experience of drama night and everyone involved was so supportive.”

This inspiring night showcased not only the incredible talent of our students but also the enduring values of empathy, acceptance, and unity. We look forward to many more performances that continue to challenge and inspire us all.

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