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Xavier House Day

Lizzy Lea (Xavier House Coordinator)

“I liked the fun activities on the basketball court, especially when the teachers join in. It made it a really fun day and I can’t wait to do it next year.” – Oliver, Year 7

On Wednesday March 22nd Xavier House celebrated Xavier Day. The theme for 2023 is “Want to do what you can”. The theme comes from a quote from St Francis Xavier, our house patron. Xavier spent his life travelling the world and preaching the Word of God. He is remembered for the enthusiastic way he approached all aspects of his life and his willingness to try new things. 

Prior to Xavier Day the students considered small things they can do to help others. They showed the power of working together by bringing in donations of pantry items and toiletries to support our House Charity, SOUL Soup Patrol.  Xavier House brought in a total of 490 items that will be used to create hampers and meals for people in need in the Rockingham community. Kaija from SOUL Soup Patrol came in to accept the donations on Wednesday and spoke with the students. 

“It was great great to have Kaija to come down so we could learn about who our donation are going towards.” – James, Year 12

Xavier Day began with celebrating Mass as a whole house where students celebrated their PC story and the story of St Francis Xavier. After Mass the students had juice boxes and played sports and games on the Avenue and around the school. 

“I liked that there were so many activities in one area, I played Jenga with my brother and played volleyball on the Avenue.” – Jaslyn, Year 7

The day finished off with a lunch of hot chip butties and icy poles. It was a fantastic way to celebrate Xavier House and the connections we share. 

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