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Year 7 Ignite Week

Rachelle Kelly (Head of Learning Excellence and Engagement)

At Kolbe, we are deeply committed to our Vision for Learning, aiming to develop lifelong capabilities in our young people that will help them thrive beyond school. This year, our Year 7 students experienced this commitment firsthand through an exciting initiative known as “Ignite Week.” Held during Week 7 of Term 2, from May 27th to 31st, Ignite Week was a full week of dynamic activities designed to ignite both curiosity and passion among our students.

Throughout the week, our Year 7 students were organised into committees, collaborating with like-minded peers to tackle real-world problems. These committees engaged in a carefully curated series of workshops aimed at developing the Kolbe Capabilities for Life. These essential skills include showing character, building citizenship, thinking critically, and becoming effective communicators, collaborators, and creators. Importantly, these activities also emphasised the development of resilience and perseverance.  Leilani said the experience has helped her to “cope better with sudden decisions,” and Connor shared that he’s now “gained more confidence to work with new people.” 

The week’s activities culminated in a grand Expo on the final day. During the Expo, students had the opportunity to present their committee’s solutions to a panel of special guests. While the Expo was a highlight, showcasing the incredible learning and growth that occurred during the week, it was not the sole focus. The true essence of Ignite Week lay in the journey of discovery and collaboration that the students undertook.  When asked about their favourite part of Ignite week, Ethan. W said, “being able to collaborate, build, and be a team” was a highlight.  Jai said, “speaking to people I hadn’t spoken to before” was great.  And Willow, Ava, and Xavier agreed that “collaborating as a group” was fun.  

Parents and guardians were invited to the Expo, providing a wonderful opportunity for families to celebrate their children’s hard work and achievements. The support and encouragement from family members added to the festive and proud atmosphere of the event.

Following the Expo, students participated in a final and crucial component of Ignite Week: committee interviews. These interviews were conducted by a panel of ‘judges’ comprising various College and community representatives. This experience offered students valuable insights and feedback, further enriching their learning journey.

The impact of Ignite Week on our Year 7 students was profoundly positive. The activities and experiences of the week not only enhanced their academic skills but also fostered personal growth and a deeper connection with their peers and community.  For some of the students, the week brought with it surprising learning opportunities.  Amelia and Heidi said “having to change our ideas and restart many times was a challenge,” and Dillan acknowledged that, “the difficulty of the project was harder than expected.”  As we continue to nurture these capabilities, we are confident that our students will carry these lessons forward, thriving in their future endeavours.

Ignite Week was a resounding success, and we are already looking forward to next year’s program, where we will continue to inspire and empower our students through innovative and engaging learning experiences.

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