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Catholic Performing Arts Festival

Sally Shanassy (Head of Learning Area ‑ Performing Arts)

Over the past term we made many journeys north of the river over the entire term, which was nothing short of extraordinary, filled with late nights, travel, and countless hours of passionate rehearsals. But it was all worth it when we stepped onto the stage at the Catholic Performing Arts Festival 2023!  

CPAF is an incredible event on the Kolbe calendar that allows us to share and experience the spirit of performing arts. I loved watching the dance section and taking part in the drama and music sections! – Summer, Year 12 Student

We showcased our talents and dedication in an array of categories including Contemporary Band, Big Band, Christian Dance, Senior Dance, Drama scripted and devised, and Choir. And the results?  Outstanding, Excellence, and Merit awards across the board! 

CPAF was an amazing experience for us dance kids. We all got to eat dinner together, help the star of the sea kids with hair and makeup. The piece had a beautiful message about how once something is said, it can’t be taken back. The whole experience brought dance company closer together and all our hard work earnt us an excellence award. –  Eliana, Year 12 Student

We couldn’t be prouder of our incredible team’s hard work, commitment, and outstanding performances. Thank you to everyone who supported us on this amazing journey, especially the parents who bring their children to early rehearsals and pick them up very late at night after performances.. Here’s to the power of art, music, and dance in bringing people together!   We would also like to thank the Music tutors for their support and the two ex-students, Chelesea Sewell and Josie Gibson who worked with our students to choreograph their pieces.


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