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Teresa House Day

Gabby Beal – Teresa House Captain

On Wednesday 13 September, Teresa House celebrated their Patron Saint, Mother Teresa of Calcutta. Mother Teresa lived a life of service through helping the poor and sick. She established the Missionaries of Charity, as well as a Leprosy Centre in India.

Teresa staff and students began the day by gathering in the chapel, in a sea of blue house shirts. We celebrated Mass and the story of Mother Teresa, focusing on how we can serve God through service to others just as she did. Students were encouraged to spend Teresa Day responding to Mother Teresa’s call to “do small things with great love,” and always look for ways to “do something beautiful for God.”

Teresa House Captain, Poppy, recalled that “it was great seeing all of Teresa House together celebrating our patron saint.”

Year 7 students, Daisy and Brielle, really enjoyed the day and said that they “loved how everyone got together” and “how everyone got involved and was enthusiastic throughout the day.”

After mass, Teresa students sheltered from the wet weather in the chapel, allowing us to spend quality time with our PCs. We then made our way to Block 2, where we ate tasty egg and bacon rolls. Year 12 student, Devansh, recalled that “there was a great feeling of belonging when we ate breakfast together.”

The stormy weather didn’t stop students from getting involved and spreading Teresa House cheer. Everyone was mingling and it was lovely to see the connection between all the students and PC groups. Despite the rain, the environment was inclusive and wholesome, and it was great that everyone was able to come together to celebrate Mother Teresa.

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