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Celebrating Academic Excellence

Jeannine Carrier (Deputy Principal Year 8, 10 & 12)

On Wednesday 2 August the College held an assembly to recognise our students who have excelled in their studies. The Academic Awards assembly was an opportunity to recognise students who achieved the highest academic score for a particular subject in Semester One.

The awards spanned various academic disciplines, including Mathematics, Science, English, HASS, Languages, Vocational Education and Training and our electives. Additionally,  students were acknowledged for their outstanding contributions to Sport and the Arts.

Lucia and Ilana in Year 8 were selected in the ACC Cross Country Honorary All-Star Team last term.  To achieve selection, runners have to finish in the top 5 places in their race for each age group and gender. In addition to this the U14 Girls won the aggregate for their division in this competition. The members of this team were; Lucia, Ilana, Brielle, Talanah, and Molly.

In the area of the Arts, Jorja, Sabes and Jodi in Year 12 were recognised for their outstanding pieces of artwork that were exhibited at the St George’s Art Exhibition in July.

Our wonderful students have many different talents, which deserve celebrating. Whether it is in the arts, sporting, cultural, service or academic fields, students should be acknowledged for their efforts, particularly when they are performing to a high standard. We congratulate all students who have achieved success in Semester One and hope that you continue to work towards maintaining your excellent efforts for the remainder of the year.

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