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Kolbe’s Creative Edge

Ava, Year 9 Student

Recently, a few of my classmates and I who are in the GATE program competed in the six week Creative Edge Challenge held at Curtin University. We collaborated together to create props, costumes and a 10 minute play from scratch that fit a certain theme. Teams from Years 7 to 9 entered into different categories including literature and communication, and science and engineering. Some of the other teams had to engineer a working contraption which they presented to judges on the day.

The theme that was given to us was ‘a picture paints a thousand words’. Together, with the help of this theme, we produced ideas surrounding different plots and paintings that were relevant. We chose the ‘Scream’ painting by Edvard Munch and replicated it onto cardboard using acrylic paint. We created a plot where a curious child in a museum finds the painting and looks deeper to see all of the characters ‘troubles’. My fellow group member, Orla, explains; “The ‘Scream’ allowed us to do something with a meaning the judges could really connect with and feel through our project.”

Along with the six week challenge, we also participated in the ‘Impromptu Challenge’ which is where our group went into a room and came up with a creative solution to a random, unseen problem. I really loved working with my group because it allowed us all to become closer and gain trust with each other. Creative Edge was a fun and difficult challenge which made us really think and be creative while working in a group. And best of all, our Year 9 team has made it to the State Final to be held on 16 September. I can’t wait to see what challenge we’ll face next!

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