Message from our Principal

Neil Alweyn (Principal)

Welcome back to all members of our community for Semester Two. I trust your children had a peaceful break, and are recharged and raring to go for a productive and rewarding Term Three. There are a number of developments around the College that I need to inform our community about, and this eNews article serves to communicate these important updates for our families.

Firstly, our Stage 15 building works are progressing well, and currently to schedule. This building stage includes four new classrooms, a new Cafeteria, new Changerooms, and a complete refurbishment of our Performing Arts Block including a new dance studio and black box theatre. Towards the end of this term, our current Performing Arts block will have to be vacated in order for our new building works to commence in this area. This block also currently contains our College Canteen and our Changerooms, so they will be impacted. The following arrangements have been put in place until the completion of our building works, which is due at the end of Semester One next year:


At the start of Term 4, temporary food services will be provided for the College on site by an external provider, ‘That Food Truck’. They will provide a comprehensive menu during both recess and lunch from Monday to Thursday on site. This will continue until our new Cafeteria is completed. Further details about these services will be provided just prior to the end of term.


As our current changerooms will be decommissioned during the Block 7 refurbishment, from Week 10 this term all students who have general Physical Education classes in Year 7 to 10 will be able to wear their PE Uniform to and from school on that day. For students who study a PE elective subject (for example Outdoor Education or Physical Education Studies), smaller changeroom facilities are provided in Block 5, and these students are expected to change into and out of their uniform as normal. PE staff will provide further details to their students closer to the time.


Our current Uniform Shop (which is located in the middle of the school attached to our Sports Hall) will be relocated towards the front of the school, near the end of the Kiss and Drop area. We believe this will make it much easier for our families to access the Uniform Shop when needed. Construction of a new Uniform Shop will take place in Term Four, but during the second half of Term Three we will relocate the Uniform Shop to this area, and it will run out of the western element of our Maintenance building. The old Uniform Shop will provide office space for our staff during the Stage 15 construction works. Again, further information about the relocation of the Uniform Shop will be provided to families closer to the time of change

Finally, for those interested I have included a few preliminary architect video fly throughs of our current Stage 15 build – specifically our new Classrooms and Cafeteria, and part of our Performing Arts refurbishment (Clip 1 and Clip 2) – to give you a taste of what amazing facilities are to come for our students. I thank all parents, students and staff for their patience during what is a slightly disruptive time. I do promise it will be worth it though when our students get to utilise these wonderful modern facilities which they truly deserve.

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