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WasteSorted Student Meet

Lizzy Lea (Teacher)

On Tuesday 1 August, four students represented Kolbe at the 2023 WasteSorted Student Meet held at St Norbert’s College. The afternoon included a tour of the sustainability features at St Norbert’s, a presentation on fast fashion, and a number of other schools presenting information about what they do to improve sustainability at their school. Our students embraced the opportunity to network with other schools and brainstorm ideas to implement at Kolbe.

“The sustainability expo featured a range of booths teaching us ways to be more sustainable as a school. My favourite was the Containers for Change as they helped to kick start our program at Kolbe while giving us tips and tricks to increase it’s effectiveness across the college.” – Blake, Year 11

“ I feel it was an amazing opportunity for us to learn more about how to be sustainable within a school setting. It taught us how to teach others how to be sustainable in an engaging way.” – Emaan, Year 7

“I really enjoyed the offer to attend this convention and to see how other schools work with the environment and the issues they had to overcome. I enjoyed learning about fast fashion and seeing how some successful companies make their workers work in bad conditions. This was an amazing opportunity and I enjoyed it very much.” – Aiden, Year 8

“It was interesting to go around the school today and learn about St. Norberts’ sustainability program and their ‘Climate Canons’. To see the way some of the other schools manage their recycling and sustainability was helpful for our school, and we have learnt more about our school becoming a WasteSorted school”. – Jasmine, Year 8

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