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Rice House Day

Mr. David New (Rice House Coordinator)

Some 230 Rice House students and staff gathered in the College Chapel to celebrate the life and legacy of our patron,  Blessed Edmund Ignatius Rice.

Students began by hearing House Captains Gabbi and Emily recount the life of Blessed Edmund from his early days in Kilkenny to building a prominent business in Waterford, the loss of his wife Mary and making the decision to give it all up to create the order of the Christian Brothers to educate the poor boys of Ireland.

Students then presented their PC symbols to the altar linked to the story of Edmund Rice. Fr. Pier spoke to the idea from the gospel of Matthew of helping those in need just like Edmund Rice. Year 11 Student Counsellor Isidora concluded the mass with a message of the importance of the ‘cups of kindness and compassion’ that enrich the lives of all involved.

Students then moved to the sports hall for the inaugural Tug-of War competition. All 7 Pastoral Care groups battled it out in a ‘round-robin’ tournament for a place in the final. Westcourt PC and Elliot PC made the final with Westcourt winning the title with a dominating 2-0 victory.

Lunch provided an opportunity for all Rice House students to gather around the Avenue to share pizza and drinks in a spirit of friendship and collegiality.

Many thanks to all staff and students who made the day a special occasion to celebrate our patron Blessed Edmund Rice.


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